Philipo was born in Tanzania on the edge of Serengeti National Park and grew up alongside animals throughout his childhood. This was a blessing in its own way. He developed a strong passion and love for the animals from the very beginning, unaware that he would one day become a Safari Guide, and then director of his own Safari Business.

Before becoming a safari guide, he had to start standing on his own two feet from the age of 13, since the family lived from hand to mouth. This situation forced him to start looking for ways to assist his papa and mama as well as his relatives.

Thereafter in 2002 he moved from Musoma (north west of Serengeti ) to Arusha, working as a day labourer. He started his career in tourism as a porter on the Kilimanjaro Climb in 2003 and progressed to more responsibilities with “Terre d’Aventures”. That is where the idea of becoming a guide started to grow in his mind. The wages from his porter activities helped him go through Guide School (College).

He graduated as a Mountain Guide in 2009 and joined a Safari Guide Section in 2010. Since then as a Safari Guide / Entrepreneur, he has strong passion for traveling with clients and sharing with them what we have here in Tanzania and East Africa in general. He has also accompanied international wildlife photographers in the park, and has vast knowledge of the fauna and flora.

As the president of Kimgoni Tanzania Safaris Company, he has over 15 years of guide experience to share all that is within reach in Tanzania.